• Q&As

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    Q. Can I trust what I say will stay private?

    A. Yes, not only is this what we commit to professionally via our national and local colleges, but confidentiality is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients. The only occasions during which confidentiality is breached is when there is a concern of harm to the client or someone close to them and we work closely with clients to help address the concern.

    Q. How do I know I will get individualised treatment?

    A. Mended Pathways Therapists take pride in creating tailor-made treatment plans in coordination with clients as their goals are clarified.

    Q. How do I know your therapy will be effective?

    A. Mended Pathways Therapists are experienced and committed to ongoing learning, which involves developing new therapeutic modalities to best meet the needs of clients.

    Q. What is your general philosophy when counselling?

    A. Establishing a relationship with the client to help them feel safe and comfortable, supporting them with their journey to help them move towards feeling to healing.

    Q. What therapeutic modalities do you employ? 

    A. Acceptance Commitment, Attachment, Cognitive Behavioural, Dialectical Behaviour Therapies, EMDR, internal family systems, narrative, solution-focused, motivational interviewing, and strength-based approaches.

    Q. How often and for how long are counselling sessions?

    A. The individual counselling sessions are about 50 minutes in late and couple’s sessions sometimes require an one hour and 15 minutes.

    Q. Is therapy in person or online? 

    A. Both online and in person sessions are available to clients.

    Q. Will I have to do anything outside of therapy to get better results?

    A. Mended Pathways Therapists often encourage home practice to help clients put into place what they learn in therapy so as to help them adapt new strategies, potentially creating results.

    Q. Do you work with insurance providers?

    A. Mended Pathways Wellness is connected with many insurance providers, some of which allow for direct billing.

    Q. What is your cancellation policy?

    A. We require 24 hours of advance notice to cancel or reschedule a session, otherwise, clients are charged half of the amount of their session.

    Q. What sets you apart from other practices?

    A. At Mended Pathways, we believe all you need to thrive is already within you.

    We are an inclusive practice welcoming all people from all walks of life, gender, spiritual and cultural identity. Through compassion, collaboration and connection, we holistically shepherd clients from a place of surviving to one of thriving. Feeling is the pathway to healing. Our holistically focused services will help clients become the best version of themselves and move them closer to accomplishing their goals.