• As a client at Mended Pathways Wellness, you have the opportunity to connect with a therapist who understands your spiritual journey and can help you navigate its challenges. Whether it’s dealing with doubts about faith, exploring your beliefs, or feeling disconnected from your spiritual practices, we can support you in your spiritual growth and healing.

    With a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies, Heather Deighan therapeutically guides clients with scripture and prayer as requested by them with the overall focus of adopting spiritual formation to help clients achieve their spiritual goals. Spiritual formation involves the daily practice of scripture reading, prayer, praise and worship and reserving quiet time so as to connect with and hear from God.

    Using Logosynthesis (connecting with personal and spiritual essence), the Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as modalities, we will work together to support in clients with realizing their spiritual goals. 

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