• Seminars

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    As experienced communicators, facilitators and Therapists, Mended Pathways Wellness offers many online seminars for youth, couples and those recovering from addictions, as well as tailor-made workshops for groups looking for specific topics.


    Anxiety and Depression Group – eight sessions

    Pre-Marital Seminar Series – four one-hour sessions

    Are you thinking about marriage and want to create a successful beginning? This new seminar series may be a great fit for you. Contact us today [email protected]

    Ongoing workshop topics include:

    • Attachment styles (relational – secure, anxious, avoidant, disorganized attachment with the goal to move towards secure)
    • Anxiety and stress, managing overwhelm.
    • Boundaries for self and relationships
    • Budgeting 101
    • Co-dependency in relationships and/or with addictions
    • Conflict resolution & problem solving
    • Effective communications styles
    • Depression coping and recovery.
    • Grief processing
    • Identifying and standing up to the Inner Critic
    • Self-care and compassion
    • Values and core beliefs

    Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation regarding scheduling a workshop for your group.