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    Our Ongoing Seminars

    As experienced communicators, facilitators and therapists, Mended Pathways Wellness offers many online seminars for youth, couples and those recovering from addictions, as well as tailor-made workshops for groups looking for specific topics.

    Navigating Our Attachment Styles

    This webinar focuses on our fundamental attachment styles and aims to provide attendees with a better understanding of how they show up in their relationships, the characteristics of each attachment style, strategies for healing and moving towards secure attachment. 

    In this engaging webinar, there are many opportunities for discussion and reflection. By attending this webinar, attendees will learn about the impacts of their attachment styles and how to improve their communications, enhance their self and relational trust, and create emotional safety in existing and future relationships in order to move towards healthier attachment patterns that foster supportive and secure relationships.

    Creating Boundaries for Self and Relationships

    Our boundaries for ourselves and our relationships essentially teach us how we want to betreated while sharing our rights and what’s acceptable and unacceptable to us as we learn tosay yes to self and no to others, when necessary. 

    This is an interactive webinar designed to helpattendees gain a deeper understanding of healthy boundaries in their personal and professionallives as some individuals experience burn out at work as a result of lack of boundaries.This webinar will focus on assertiveness, communications skills, and boundary-settingtechniques that can be applied in a variety of settings. 

    Attendees can expect to learn practicaltools to enhance their relationships and become more empowered in their interactions withothers in order to build stronger relationships and increase their overall well-being.

    Address & Prevent Burnout

    This webinar is designed to help attendees learn to address and prevent burnout in their personal and professional lives by identifying the emotional and physical signs and symptoms of burnout, gaining coping strategies and adopting self-care techniques. 

    Our unique approach includes a combination of group discussion, interactive activities, and personalized action plans developed by attendees post seminar to help them implement changes in their lives immediately. As a result, attendees can expect to leave the seminar feeling empowered andwith practical tools to not only prevent burnout, but to also enhancing their overall well-beingand at the same time improving their productivity and performance.

    Effective Communications Styles with the Goal of Moving Towards Assertive

    Following Marshall Roseburg’s non-violent communications, this webinar explores cultural, family and generational influences on our verbal and nonverbal communication styles, helping participants to better understand their communication styles. This webinar facilitates learning to clarify our messages highlighting the what, where, when, why, who and how aspects of a message, while embracing active listening and mindfulness skills to adopt assertive communication approaches. 

    With this, attendees will learn how to navigate difficult conversations with confidence and ease, gaining a deeper understanding of effective communication and how to apply assertiveness in their daily lives so as to embrace advocacy for their rights and needs to help them feel connected and create a healthy, respectful environment.

    Healing from Co-dependency

    This webinar is designed for those who are struggling with unhealthy relational patterns and addiction. Through a combination of psycho-education and engagement, attendees will learn how to identify and overcome co-dependent behaviours, develop healthy boundaries, and improve their interpersonal skills while noticing their needs and learning not to abandon themselves for the sake of others.

    Our experienced therapist uses a compassionate, empathetic and non-judgmental approach to help attendees understand the root causes of co-dependencies, providing tools and strategies to help attendees break free from these patterns and build healthier relationships. With a focus on empowerment and growth, this seminar offers support to help attendees identify and learn to address co-dependency and its impact on their lives.

    Learning to Resolve Conflict & Gain Effective Problem-solving Skills

    The foundation of this webinar is to seek first to understand then to be understood as quoted by Stephen Covey. When our emotions are running high, we naturally get defensive and some of us avoid conflict, which is a false sense of safety. In this seminar, we get curious about how participants are addressing conflict in their lives and workplaces and how sharp their problem solving skills are.

    One of the goals of this seminar is to lean into effective communications, practicing mindfulness, self-awareness and embracing collaboration among the five aspects of conflict resolution. Our experienced therapist and facilitator demonstrates behaviour chain analysis for problem-solving while helping participants embrace solutions as they identify a target problem, the action to take to address it, apply coping strategies and evaluate the outcome. At the end of the seminar, attendees will have a better understanding of how to navigate difficult conversations and achieve win-win outcomes in their relationships and professional settings.

    Overcoming Sadness

    At Mended Pathways Wellness, we understand the toll that sadness can take on one’s life. This webinar is designed to equip attendees with the tools, strategies, and resources to overcome the challenges of sadness while also getting to know it better and understand what it’s doing through curiosity. Our approach combines evidence-based therapeutic approaches with interactive group learning. Attendees will learn how to identify the triggers and symptoms of sadness and adopt practical coping mechanisms to manage thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

    Managing Stress and Building your Tolerance

    Managing stress and building stress tolerance skills is vital to help regulate our nervous systems and create more fulfilling lives. In this webinar, our experienced therapist and facilitator will share effective coping strategies and techniques to help attendees better cope with stress and develop resilience, which will involve delving into various mindfulness practices and more to help increase resilience.

    Grief Processing – Moving Through Grief Using Narrative Therapy

    We all experience grief in our lives whether it’s the loss of a loved one, safety, our former world, a job, or a dream.  It can lay beneath the other emotions we experience daily if unattended to; it may be the grief of what wasn’t, what isn’t and what may never be. In this webinar, we explore how grief has no rhythm or timeline, the effects of grief on our bodies, what participants learned about and how to grieve, as well as if our beliefs help or hinder their grieving process. Through guided conversations, personalized exercises, and group sharing, attendees can expect to gain a better understanding of the nature of grief, develop coping strategies, and cultivate a greater sense of emotional resilience and inner peace.

    Our experienced therapist and facilitator will use psycho-education to share how grief recovery is about being heard, remembering, witnessing our own grief, affirming self, accessing community, honouring our connections, leaning into our spirituality and being our own best friend. Attendees will learn more about moving towards greater self-awareness, recognize patterns and triggers that may be hindering effective grieving, and finding an empathetic community.

    Identifying and standing up to the Inner Critic

    This webinar is designed to help attendees recognize the damaging impact of negative self-talk and overcome the limitations imposed by their inner critic which recycles an intrusive thought/core belief about themselves, and is often created at an early age to protect them.Through a combination of CBT, IFS, and interaction, participants will gain skills and tools to transform self-defeating thoughts into empowering ones.

    Our unique approach combines evidence-based therapeutic techniques with mindfulness and meditation practices, enabling attendees to develop awareness and self-compassion, and build resilience against self-doubt and self-criticism. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a greater understanding of the language of their inner critic, and factors that activate it. The goal is to learn how to cultivate a more positive core belief system and be empowered.

    Embracing Self-care and Compassion

    This webinar is designed to help attendees prioritize their well-being and develop an empathic relationship with themselves. Through a series of guided exercises and discussions, attendees will learn practical strategies to cultivate self-compassion and build a sustainable self-care routine tailored to their unique needs.

    Our experienced therapist and facilitator uses evidence-based and mindfulness practices to help attendees develop a stronger sense of self-awareness, self-regulation, and resilience. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have gained a greater understanding of the importance of self-care, learn practical skills to embed compassion and mindfulness into their daily routine and be better equipped to handle stress and adversity as a result.

    Aligning With Your Values and Creating SMART Goals

    This webinar helps empower attendees to live more fulfilling and purposeful lives. Attendees will learn to identify their core values, examine their current beliefs, and make any necessary changes to align their actions with their authentic selves. Attendees can also expect to enhance their sense of self-awareness, learn to increase confidence in their decisions, and foster healthier relationships with themselves and others.

    Our experienced therapist and facilitator takes a unique approach to this webinar, which combines evidence-based techniques using ACT along with attention to help attendees move towards sustainable change and more meaningful lives as they align with their values and take a SMART goals approach to life. This webinar begins with an online values exercise for attendees in advance.

    Managing Stress During the Holidays

    Stress management is vital for nervous system and emotional regulation. In this seminar, we will discuss and reflect on how stress affects you, make space to identify your relationship with it, notice how you experience it physically and emotionally, as well as what you are telling yourself when you are stressed. We will also explore coping strategies and solutions to support you with stress management daily and in anticipation of holidays. 

    Learning how to manage daily stress will help to address holiday stress along with the following:

    • Telling your story using I statements and connecting as much as possible
    • Navigating loneliness during the holidays
    • Identifying negative thoughts and assumptions which may contribute to feelings about past situations
    • Reflect on how you may have contributed to past situations
    • Reflect on what may be in the way of letting go of hurt
    • Identify what may be preventing you from moving forward
    • Determine the action you can take to help resolve the hurt you may have experienced

    Managing Panic

    Many individuals struggle with panic attacks, sometimes daily or weekly. This webinar aims to support attendees with overcoming anxiety and regaining control as they are being triggered and in other stressful situations. In this engaging webinar, our experienced therapist and facilitator will guide attendees through practical techniques and strategies for managing panic as they gain an understanding of the underlying causes of panic, increasing nervous system regulation and resilience.

    New seminars include:

    Building resilience through courage, compassion and connection

    Becoming emotionally healthy as an individual

    Understanding, Recognizing, and Addressing Emotional Manipulation

    Managing suicidal ideation in individuals

    Intro to processing trauma

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